Level 1 Home Care Package

Level 1 Home Care Package is designed to support people who haveĀ basicĀ level care needs. Basic level care needs can include basic everyday tasks including:

  • Personal care ( help with routine, personal tasks like getting in and out of bed, dressing and undressing, going to the toilet, bathing, showering and grooming)
  • Domestic assistance (to keep your home clean, neat and tidy, such as cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, dishwashing, laundry and organising)
  • Meal assistance and preparation( nutrition, hydration, preparing and cooking delicious and nutritious meals and help with eating if required. We can also accommodate special dietary preferences and requirements)
  • Shopping
  • Transport (easily and safely get out and about with your helper /care worker driving and accompanying you)
  • Social support and activities(we can provide company and emotional support, as well as drive you to outings, events and social activities, or to visit family and friends)

Home Care Package: Level 1 holders would generally benefit from having a minor level of support in their own home. Level 1 Home Care Packages are ideal if you or your loved one wish to prevent premature or unnecessary admission into a residential aged care home.

To access a Level 1 Home Care Package, you or your loved one will need to undergo an assessment by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) This assessment will determine whether you are eligible to receive a Home Care Package and if a Level 1 package would be suitable for your in-home care needs.

Home Care Packages are home care & home help services that are funded (either in part or in full) by the Australian Government.